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About ATTITUDE Byron

For over a decade ATTITUDE Byron has developed original fashion design, with inspiration from femme fatale fashion icons past and present... capturing the glamour of Marilyn Monroe and the class of Audrey Hepburn. We strive to emulate the glorious women of an era when ladies showed off their feminine curves and obvious full figures.

Attitude Byron is located in beautiful Byron Bay (Australia) a region known the world over for creativity and relaxed lifestyle.
About ATTITUDE Bespoke Clothing Design Byron Bay

Linen Collection

At ATTITUDE Byron we love linen, and it's no wonder we're one of the most popular online destinations for women's linen clothes in Australia. If you've never worn linen clothing before, we find it impossible to believe that you won't become a lover of it too!

We offer a wide range of women's linen clothing that will make you feel like you're adventuring on an African Safari or strolling along a Byron Bay beach in a state of complete bliss.

From luxurious 100% Italian linen dresses like the quintessential white linen dress, lightweight and flowy linen tops, to affordable and easy to care for luxe linen pants and shorts.

Shop the ATTITUDE Byron linen clothing collection now and receive free shipping when you spend over $100!


Beautiful Clothing

Indigo Crafts

Indigo is said to be the oldest dye, with cloth of this distinctive hue found in the Egyptian Pyramids. Japan has a long tradition of Indigo dyeing  that has its roots in Wakimachi, Tokushima, a small town located on a calm stretch of the Yoshino River which flows into the sea in Tokushima City. Our extensive range of Indigo women's clothing, crafted in natural and sustainable fabrics, is a timeless addition to your classic closet. Indigo clothing from ATTITUDE Byron makes a perfect styling option for your everyday wear.

Samurai blue
Growing rice in Tokushima was difficult, since the typhoons that occasionally pass through tended to strike just when the crop was ready for harvest, bringing floods to the Yoshino River valley. Consequently, farmers sought a product that could be harvested before the typhoons came. They hit on indigo, Indigofera tinctoria, which produces the rich blue dye called ai in Japanese. By planting bamboo along the river, farmers found a way to trap silt that the flooding brought, using it to fertilise the indigo plants. You can still see the thick stands of bamboo along the river around Wakimachi today.

ATTITUDE Byron Bespoke Fashion Design

Bespoke Fashion Design

'Bespoke' comes from the word 'bespeak', meaning speak for something, which was used by tailors of the Savile Row in London, where custom suits were made for men.

In terms of modern usage bespoke refers to anything that is customized. Bespoke tailoring deals with garments that are created from scratch to make patterns and designs to perfectly fit the client's measurements.

The terms emphasizes hand cut patterns, hand stitched, and hand finished craftsmanship and clothes are made with the finest of fabrics.

Bespoke clothing and fashion is making a comeback in a big way in the recent times, especially in womenswear. Custom made garments are breaking the rules of mass off-the-rack garments. People are appreciating natural fabrics and turning their interest to designs and creations which are made to fit the person, as opposed to 'off-the-rack', where the person has to fit the clothing.

The consumer of quality clothing wants to own a garment which is exclusive to them, tailor made.

Bespoke fashion offers individuality and extra finesse to your style. The fact that the details of the silhouettes, the lapel, the hem lines, and every little specification are specially made for the buyer, makes the garment even more desirable and personal.

Bespoke clothing does not anymore cost an arm and a leg. ATTITUDE Byron specialises in  affordable quality. Bespoke fashion is currently trending in evening wear, wedding wear, and gowns.